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"I am an honor student, and have presented several of my papers on my school campus, in the community, and also at national conventions. In our program we are responsible for presenting several oral presentations in class and two major presentations for the campus community. If the Nucleus images were free, I would use approximately 10 of them to help my audience visualize a procedure, an illness or an injury. A picture is worth a thousand words, and in the health field, it is always better to have picture when you are lecturing. The quality of the images is better than some of the pictures in my text books. They really help to describe and explain what the procedure entails."
  • Stephani Reazor
  • Delaware State University, Dover, DE
"Images such as those on the Nucleus Medical Art web site are not readily available online or through other sources. If they were free to use, I would use about 10 each year in news stories televised on campus."
  • Brad Driver
  • University of Akron, Akron, OH
"I would use 10-50 per year for handouts, Powerpoint presentations and school assignments."
  • Kim Knight
  • Wellpark College, Aukland, New Zealand
"I am a nursing student and am always in need of medical images suitable for public displays. If they were free, I would use between 20-30 images from the [SMART Imagebase] per year."
  • Jennifer Fosse
  • University of Hawaii, Hilo, HI
"The Nucleus database contains a vast range of images that have great clarity - ideal for use at undergraduate level. They would form an ideal compliment to written work. If they were free, I would use 20 images per year in projects such as a current poster presentation on Hydrocephalus, previous case studies (including kidney conditions and cervical spine) and in anatomy and pathology essays."
  • Christine Hood
  • University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK
"I am a senior at ODU's School of Nursing and will carry on for my Masters in Nursing. I have a slide show presentation due tomorrow so this would be a great addition to it. Aside from Nucleus, there are no educational sites that have quality images on the net which are easy to use, download, and present. Nursing students are constantly trying to find innovative ways to produce presentations at home to present their patients or subject material."
  • Abreail Tetzlaff
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA
"The images on the [SMART Imagebase] are so detailed and the information associated with them is the most updated that I have found on the web. If they were free, I would use about 10 of them per year for periodic class reports and research projects."
  • Angela Vela
  • Napa Valley College, Napa, CA
"The Nucleus medical images are very clear and beautiful. If they were free, I would use about 40 of them in my lectures to students."
  • Moshe Shachar
  • Wingate Institute, Netania, Israel
"Your images provide detailed pictures of many surgical procedures. If they were free, I would use 3-5 in a speech for class to represent a procedure."
  • Amanda Edwards
  • Gainesville College, Gainesville, GA
"For our AP and soft tissue classes we have to study bones and muscles and each student is required to make themselves muscle cards to study from which are also graded. I found it difficult to locate many individual muscles through traditional resources, so it would be so great to have a database of images to access to help us put our cards together. Good images are hard to find, and not everyone has the resources that some of us have available to them. If these images were free, I would use up to 120 per year for my classes."
  • Lisa Cote
  • Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Newington, CT

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