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Description: This comprehensive legal animation, features six (6) main scenes of information, describing the following arterial wall dissection and clotting progression:

Scene 1. Normal Vertebral Blood Flow. This portion of the animation opens with a the 3/4 standing view of the female figure and enlargement showing normal blood flow through the right vertebral artery. Scene 2. Discectomy. This next portion of the animation reveals a figure lying supine with Gardner Well's tongs and cervical spine in traction. As the chin is lifted and the head titled backwards for surgery, the initial arterial dissection footage occurs with a small tear of the lining within the lumen. Scene 3. Clot Forms at Dissection Site. The dissection site expands and begins to form a clot. Scene 4. Clots Begin to break Off. At the early dissection size- two (2) clots are shown breaking off and traveling into the blood flow. The camera follows those clots, and zoom into the base of the brainstem where the clots (represented as glowing lights) are seen lodging near the origination of the right side CNV and CNVI. Those cranial nerves, and the structures of the eyes will dissolve into view and be labeled for identification. As CNV and CNVI are identified, the once regular nerve impulses are seen being interrupted and broken in appearance- as they travel out to the eyes and right side of the mouth. The nerve impulses become disrupted in both regularity, and color signifying symptoms and temporary injury to both those anatomical areas. Scene 5. Symptoms subside. The nerve impulses return back to their more normal pattern and color to allow for discussion that the symptoms subsided after their original onset. Scene 6. Patient Discharged, Clots Continue to Break Off. The detailed enlargement of the blood flow, now shows the dissection increasing from 50% to 75% as additional small clots are seen being thrown off, this process continues to worsen for a few moments - throwing additional clots, then fades to black- ending the animation.

Last Updated: Mar 5th, 2020