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Description: This comprehensive animation, features three scenes of information describing circumstances surrounding a case where surgical intervention for a spinal cord angioma was deemed too risky to attempt due to the underlying factors. Scene 1- Anatomy of the heart and cerebral vasculature: Animation opens with male figure detailing a normal heart and ejection fraction of (75%) pumping blood into the vasculature and brain. Scene 2- Pre-existing cardiac complications with risk of cerebral embolism: This portion of the animation shows a damaged heart with lowered ejection fraction (25% and later 15%), with stents, and a Defibrillator. Additionally, it is noted that without Coumadin the potential for clots and brain damage increases. Scene 3- Finally, a lengthy operative scene shows the complexities of surgery and how invasive and risky the procedure to remove the angioma would have been.

Last Updated: Mar 5th, 2020